Clash Of Plans

Investors for Innovators

Clash Of Plans

" Thinking of plan B muddles up your chances of succeeding at Plan A."
We are delighted to bring to you the FLAGSHIP event of JU's inaugural Entrepreneurship Summit 2018 : Clash of Plans -- Investors for Innovators
The B-plan competition with a twist!
The overall event will showcase the 10 best innovative and invigorating ideas, selected from universities, all over the country. They will be judged and evaluated by a panel of esteemed individuals.
But what’s off the mainstream ??
We will be offering our audience the chance to gain a real-life experience of being an investor.

Innovator Rules
The deadline for submission of an abstract of your idea/business plan (pdf) is 3rd April, 23:59:59
The deadline for submission of the Presentation(ppt) is 5th April, 23:59:59
Rules for submission of B-Plan
1. The pdf and the ppt are to be uploaded in the google drive and the link of the drive is to be sent at
2. The subject should be “ abstract submission/ppt submission.”
3. The mail body must contain the following information : Team name, Team Leader Name, Team Leader's contact number, another member’s contact number.
4. All file names should be the same as the team name.
Rules for the event
1. 2-4 membered team.
2. Top 10 teams selected in the online round will pitch on 8th April.
3. Pitching will occur in two sessions.
Investor Rules
1. Teams that are not selected in the online round can also appear as investors and hence, still stand a chance to win cash prizes as investors.
2. Each investor will have to download an app where they would be given 7000 units of virtual currency that they will be investing in minimum 1team and maximum 3 teams.
3. They must invest in atleast 1 team before the end of first session, otherwise they would be disqualified as investors.
4. Investors need to elaborate about the choice they made while investing on a particular team to determine the ingenuity of their investment.
5. The investors should register themselves below.
If two or more investors invest equal denomination of funds in the winning team, then the investment whcih is made the earliest wins.


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